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Dec 1, 2012

Top 10 Popular Indian Ad Campaign Slogans

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Image Credit: Indian TV Today
Indian advertising agencies have made some of the coolest and innovative ads in 2012 and telecommunication & online retail industry still dominate the advertising industry with new range of ads. Biggies like Reliance, Tata, Airtel, Nokia and Cococola have brought some of the innovative ads for the audience. These ads don’t just come alone rather they’re accompanied by some of the coolest and memorable slogans. We’ve listed top 10 slogans from the popular ones, after reviewing each ad and their impact on the viewers.

Airtel - Har Friend Zaroori Hai, Yaar

Airtel came up with a new ad with a slogan “Har Friend Zaroori Hai, Yaar” and with a range of video ads showing how every friend is important. The slogan was written and composed into a nice song by the combined efforts of following singer and composers: Amitabh Bhattacharya, Mohit Beotra, Ram Sampath and Agnello Dias. The song got immediate popularity among TV and internet audience as well.

Sprite - Rasta Clear Hai

Sprite came up some of the funny yet innovative ads in 2012, where it promoted the cold drink as a way to clear your way among the overly talented. The ads were broadcasted in a serial session and Sprite made around 10 ads on the same concept and we should say each ad has some uniqueness.

Cadbury - Subh Aarambh

We will not hesitate to say that the Cadbury 2012 Subh Aarambh ads are the most lovable yet innovative range of ads of 2012. These Cadbury featured some of the common issues like hostel ragging, flirting & marriage and created some of the great ads you will surely enjoy.

Flipkart – The New Address for your online shopping

Flipkart, the fast growing online retail start-up has brought up some of the amazing yet funny ads for the online shoppers. All of these new ranges of ads from Flipkart are focused on how Flipkart helps you get the right thing at right time.

Havells – Shock Laga Kya

The ‘Shock Laga Kya’ ads were released during 2011 and these ads were still the funniest for every kind of generation. In 2012 Havells also co-sponsored the ICC T20 World Cup and the last India-England series and its ads got much of hype as required. In 2012 Havells released two new ads: one on Havells Standard wires and other one on Havells Geysers.

Idea – What an Idea Sirji!

When Idea (the Indian telecom giant) came into existence it took Abhisekh Bachan as its brand ambassador and coined a new slogan for its ads, the unique “What an Idea Sirji!”. This slogan got most popular among the Indian audience and even Abhisekh Bachan is sometimes mentioned as Sirji in TV shows or movies.

Surf Excel - Daag Acche hain

Nobody likes to get dirty, but when you see a Surf Excel ad, you’ll think otherwise. If getting dirty is doing something good, then ‘Daag Acche Hain’. In 2012 the new Surf Excel of Daag Acche hain featured on kids fighting to play in the ground is lovable and does contain a message to all of us.

Pepsi – Change the Game

Well Pepsi’s ‘Taste the Thunder’ slogan has been modified so many times and the current slogan utters ‘Change the Game’ where Pepsi conveyed a message that Indian sport is not limited to Cricket only. Pepsi modifies its slogan as per the current sporting activities. As during ICC T20 World Cup, the slogan was ‘Yeh T20 hai Boss. Na Tameez se Khela jaata Hai, Na Tameez se Dekha Jata hai’. Yet all of these new slogans do sound great.

Coco-cola – Thanda Matlab Coco-cola

In India when someone says ‘Thanda Matlab’ then you’ve to say ‘Coco-cola’ and the trend is still going on. But currently Indian Coco-cola ads contain a new slogan which says ‘Open Happiness’ with innovative and socialistic ads. This new slogan is getting popular but still the later one does have craze.

Big Bazaar - Isse sasta aur acha kahin nahi

Even the retail industry in India is booming with variety of retail stores from Reliance, Tata and others, yet Big Baazar is still counted as the cheap (Sasta) among all competitors in every items category. This slogan gave Big Bazaar a new identity before the commoners of India and most of them prefer Big Bazaar than anything else.

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