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Dec 2, 2012

Various aspects of Organizational Management

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Management is the backbone of any organization and it is the way the organization is managed by the people that determines the growth of any organization. Management basically means the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the efforts of organization members and resources to achieve organizational goals. It is the size of the organization that usually determines the levels of the organization and the levels of management. As per the organizational hierarchy, there will be various kinds of managers working at different levels of the organization, top, middle and lower level supervising the activities of the people in the organization and planning things.

Planning is a very important aspect of the organization. First on a broader scale the goals of the organization need to be planned. What is it that is the organization wants to achieve? In what time frame? These are the factors that determine the goals of an organization. These goals once they are framed out they are then divided to small goals to be achieved by various departments, various people, from various levels to individual level, within the given time frame.

Decision making and communicating powers are usually divided at various levels as per the requirement. It is the top level management that decides the powers and functions of various people in the various levels of management. Accordingly as per their requirement, decision making power is given to them so that they can carry on the operations of the organization smoothly. In order to achieve organizational goals, on an individual level, various skills, technical and other skills, as per the need are required by the people. It is the duty of the managers, to see that the people are equipped with the necessary skills to achieve the goals of the organization.

So, management is everything for an organization, and the better the management and the managers the better the organization will achieve its results.


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