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Dec 7, 2012

YouTube gets a new Clean and Sleek look

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To increase audience viewership and make YouTube more easier, YouTube has stepped ahead and came out with a new design for its online video portal. YouTube is getting more than 800 millions visitors every month and new videos uploaded every minute. So YouTube wants to make it more easier for its audience while viewing or subscribing to videos. On this purpose last year YouTube has added a feature called Guide and now they've improved some of the Guide features.

Guide will now help you know about popular channels, popular videos in your subscribed channels, what videos are liked and shared by your friends. Above all Guide is not limited to your desktop or notebooks. You can download YouTube apps for your Android, Apple, Google or Playstation devices and still use the Guide feature more easily.

In this new design YouTube looks more simple and clean. YouTube has designed such that all those what matters to the viewer are on the front. The now playing video is on top right with subscribe and sharing options, likes, dislikes and comments just below the player. The left sidebar contains Guide, Channels, Subscriptions & channel videos and the right bar contains related videos. As per the updates YouTube will also be adding Google+Hangout to increase social networking over YouTube and value feedback.

 What's in the New Look

1. Guide is now a multitasking element with so many features to increase subscription
2. Sign and Browse channels here
3. Lost in what you're browsing, then get here what you've browsed, subscribe or liked
4. Relevant video snippet featured while current video playing
5. View bigger videos and on-front by clicking on this button
6. Subscribe to the channel whaose video you're watching and also see the sharing buttons, likes and comments

How YouTube was looking when re-designed last year

Here is a pic we've taken from Mashable's last year's YouTube redesign post where YouTube looked like this and at that time YouTube also added the Guide feature for the first time.

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