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Jan 14, 2013

Management Skills that are Effective

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There are some managers, who make your work place, positive and vibrant, and on the contrary, there are also those kinds of managers, that make you feel sick, and make your life miserable.

In most of the cases, when an employee chooses to leave a position, it is because of his relationship, with the manager, or with other people in the work place.

For any company, to prosper, and to see growth, good and effective managers, are very necessary. The role of an effective manager is to see that, each individual in the team, gives his best, performs well, and then the team as a whole achieves its results.

It requires both talent and skill, to be a successful manager. These skills need not necessarily be born; they can be developed through, experience, or by acquiring training.

Persons who are good at communication, leadership, development of self and others, who are adaptable, and are good at maintaining relations, prove their worth, as effective managers.

A manager with good communication skills will be able to instruct effectively, and listen effectively. Best managers are those, who exhibit, best leadership qualities, and as a true leader they should be able to gain trust, guide or give direction and promote a sense of responsibility in others.

Adaptability is the most important quality that a manager should have. Only when he is adaptable to the various and unexpected situations, will he be able to guide others, on the path of success.

When emergency or serious situations emerge, he should be able to think creatively and positively, and should come out with a solution.

Effective managers, have good relationships with their team, they earn their trust and respect, and help them to give their best, and they also motivate them, to do more productive work. Last but not the least, effective manager gives importance to, self development or growth.

He is always willing to learn, acquire knowledge, and upgrade himself, with the best qualities, and skills, both personal and professional.

These are the components that make a good and effective manager. And these are the qualities that you should look for, in a manager. A manager with these skills and capabilities is sure to take the organization, on the path of success, and progress.


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