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Jan 4, 2013

Salute to the Spirit of Students

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Salute to the Spirit of Students
Any revolution, any change for the betterment of the society, has never been complete without the students taking part in it, or students themselves taking the initiative.

It is good to see that the younger generation of India, has shown the guts, and took the initiative, to voice their feelings.

For their better tomorrow, and for the betterment of society, and India as a whole. The way students showed courage and raised their voice against the dead system, was worth praising.

It is the initiative they have taken, that has inspired all the people, all over India, to voice their feelings towards the system. No one knows the name or the family or anything about the victim (Damini), but still every one stood for her and for the justice.

This is the true spirit that we all need as the citizens of this country. Students are the hope and they are the future of this country. It is a very good sign, that, students were not united for any selfish reason, but for the right reason and right cause.

They were not united for jobs or for hike in the pay scale as people usually do. But they demanded justice to the poor victim, who for no fault of her’s had to give up her life.

When any bill had to be passed, for the rise in the pay scale of the ministers or to increase their amenities and facilities, all of them become one, forgetting all the differences, and the bill is passed in minutes.

But, when people demand changes in the laws, and rules and regulations that are of no use to them. All the rules and regulations become an impediment.

What a shame, shame on us, the people of this country, who have elected such people as our representatives.

At least all the women representatives, should become one, and fight for one right cause, and see that, the torture that Damini has undergone, no other women in the country undergoes that.

Arise, Awake and Rest Not till the Goal is achieved.
Swamy Vivekananda.


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