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Jan 8, 2013

Why you should start using Google Plus

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Google’s social network has not been old enough like Facebook or Twitter, but it’s getting some popularity among businesses, companies and individuals. Because as per the statistics, there are now more than 400 million users registered in Google +, with more than 100 million monthly active users. Apart from that more than 1 million businesses pages has been created in Google +.

Even many people still doubt on why they should use Google +, we give you a list of benefits you can find at Google +.

Personalized Search Results
Google is the kingpin of search results and with a Google+ profile; it will be easy for you to show yourself and your business on Google search results. Even now when you search a name on Google, either the person’s Facebook or Linkedin profile pops.

The reason you can’t find a Google + profile, because the person isn’t in Google plus. So I guess it’s time to see you or your business name on Google even you’re not popular on Facebook or Twitter.

Great place for bloggers
If you’re a blogger and like to share your content and ideas, then Google + can help you by drawing audience from your circles and groups. Around 60-70 % bloggers user Gmail for email messaging, so it can be easy for them to connect with each other.

New features
Google has recently introduced some new features from which the Groups is a key feature. Like Facebook groups, Google groups can be a best place to share your ideas, thoughts and content.

‘Communities’ is another strongest concept of Google +, where people can directly connect with their interests. Now you can also comment of on any post and re-share it with your friends and contacts.

If you’ve been into SEO business, then you’ve known about Google’s new algorithm to eliminate spammy sites and links. Thus it would be much more difficult for spam sites to find a place in Google search. So Google+ can be your way into search results and build a genuine professional business.

Some improvements people might like –
  • Bring more business domains and also value local businesses
  • Control over customer reviews
  • HTML business pages or more dynamic pages, with analytic functions
  • Invite functionality on business pages
Even there are so many things Google needs to add in Google plus, still it’s proving to be a competitor before other social networks. So why not give a try to this and try to improve through valuable feedback.


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