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Mar 20, 2013

Stress Killing Women in India?

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stress in women
A survey included 6500 women from developed and developing countries, to know their stress levels. The results, 87% of the participants from India said that they feel stressed most of the time and 82% said they have no time to relax. Women from Mexico were in second place and Russian women were in third place, in the stress race.

A women’s role in the modern day has become very challenging. A woman is well known for her skills in multitasking, but it is the same thing and the unlimited expectations from her at home and at work place, that is leading to stress.

Though Indian women have facilities to appoint a maid, and cook, to help them with the domestic tasks, but still these things, does not help in reducing the stress levels. Because when she is given these facilities people expect more from her. Women are expected to meet deadlines constantly at home and at work place.

A part from these the modern women is expected to share the financial responsibilities like. Buying a home, car, or child’s education. When a woman does not have a strong and sound support system it becomes very difficult for her to cope with the expectations and the result stress. If stress levels are to be reduced, age old attitude towards women need to be changed, and they need to be treated as humans, not as robots.

What Women can do to reduce stress? Here are some ways,

1. Avoid Multitasking: As far as possible try to reduce or avoid multitasking, do one thing at a time.

2. Stop Doing Everything By Yourself: Take this out of your mind that all things should be under your control and you should do all the things. Delegate or share your responsibilities and duties.

3. Take Care of Yourself: Talk to your dear ones or friends, share your feelings and see that you are away from stress. Take care of your physical health, and under no circumstances neglect it.

4.  Learn when to say yes and when to say No: It is not possible to please all the people at all times. So, know to what extent you can stretch yourself mentally and physically and learn saying ‘no’.


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