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Mar 19, 2013

NGO Profile: Anchalika Kunjeswari Sanskrutika Sansad

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Anchalika Kunjeswari Sanskrutika Sansad
A group of young college going students came forward to serve the shelter less, hungry, flood victims through relief operation a severe flood in the year 1978. They formed an organized body which was later publicized in the name of Anchalika Kunjeswari Sanskrutika Sansad (AKSS) with its Headquarters at Kanas in the district of Puri, Odisha.

After one year they felt it was felt necessity to get Govt. recognition and in the year 1979 it was registered as a non-governmental, non-profit making, non- political, non-secretarial and non-religious organization under the Indian Societies Registration Act. 1860. Then in 1987 the organization registered under FCRA.

AKSS is an independent non-governmental voluntary organization based on the philosophy of love, sacrifice, dedication & brotherhood. It started its work with the objective to establish a society founded on the values of equality, justice, peace & progress.

AKSS is working in backward rural and tribal areas of Odisha state. Its programs in Odisha State are managed by at Sevanchal, Kanas, Dist- Puri, Odisha state which is head office as well as permanent Office of the organisation.

AKSS address the root causes of Poverty, Illiteracy, Ill health, Inequality and Degraded Environment through right based approach and is committed on TEN rights-based goals:

1. Eradicate Poverty & Hunger through sustainable livelihood.

2. Improve Quality of Life and Security.

3. Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

4. Provide Basic Social Services

5. Ensure Education & Eradicate Illiteracy

6. Ensure Basic Health Needs & Improve Maternal Health, Reduce Child Mortality.

7. Provide Humanitarian Service to victims at the time of Disaster

8. Combat Desertification & Ensure Environmental Sustainability

9. Ensure Human Rights & Protection

10. Organize Peoples Power for Development through Networking, Advocacy and Organization


We envision society with peace, Joy, Happiness, Love, and brotherhood where there will be no poverty, hunger, exploitation, Ignorance, Injustice, Disease, Sufferings & Unhealthy environment.


Transformation of thoughts into deeds through Peoples participation action, people’s organization and working together for human resource programme and sustainable development


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