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Apr 5, 2013

Does Pressure motivate or demotivate?

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As humans we all experience pressure in our life, either in personal or professional or both. Some people, who are more successful and greater in life when compared to others, turn pressure into strength. While for most of the other people it is a thing which pulls them even more down and takes away all the strength.

Cricket a game that most people love in India, in that game we see that when a team is under pressure to achieve its target. Some of the players do extremely well, they handle pressure and live up to the expectations of the team and achieve their goal. While in the same team there will be some other players when under pressure cannot give even normal or average performance.

These are the kind of people who cannot give their best when under pressure. The same applies in our life also whether professional or personal. People, who can handle challenges and pressure, can think rightly even in that times are the people who have learnt how to turn pressure into a positive strength. These are the people who will see success in any field they are and in every aspect of their life.

There are majority of people who under pressure get demotivated get all kinds of negative thoughts and just with draw from life. If we study the life of all great and successful people there is only one difference between them and us. That is they have faced challenges and learn to withstand them learnt lessons that they needed to and they bounced back into life with more enthusiasm.

If we also learn to take pressure in a positive way, you will feel happy that you have a chance to prove yourself because of that situation. If everything is smooth what is the difference between you and others. If you are to prove yourself better than anyone else you have to do that which others have not done. Pressure gives you such a chance to prove who you are and what your skills are.

So, next time when you are faced with pressure try and turn it into your favour instead of thinking it in negative terms.


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