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Apr 6, 2013

E-Mail Etiquette and its importance

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In this age of messaging in short cuts, any one is hardly bothered about e-mail etiquette. If I am not wrong most of the people wonder if there is any such thing as e-mail etiquette. Because we are so used to informal way of communication and shortcuts that we hardly care about this.

Right from students who communicate with their pals and guides, to business people most of us are only concerned with time. Hardly anyone has time to bother about e-mail etiquette. But it does play a very important role when it comes to business communication and formal communication. The way you compose your mail and communicate reveals a lot about the importance you give to the other person and how much you value them.

The first and very important thing you should keep in mind is you should always sound polite, but not arrogant or careless in your address or communication with the other person. The fact you should never forget while composing a mail is that you should never be too short or too lengthy.

Some people never come to the point they just beat around the bush wasting a lot of time on the other hand there are people who use shortcut words and minimum not bothering to show respect to the other. Both the approaches are not good you should try to be moderate and to the point. In formal communication you should never use short cut words like you use in messaging, this conveys a very wrong impression.

Short messaging may be good when you are communicating with your buddies and pals, but not in professional mails. Just because you are writing an e-mail doesn’t mean that we are allowed to write spelling and grammar mistakes. So, always check to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes. Because the way you compose your mail says who and what kind of person you are. So, next time you compose a mail make sure you have maintained e-mail etiquette.


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