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Apr 7, 2013

Know that ‘You’ have ‘Your Own Value’

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When it comes to success and worth most of us make this mistake of comparing ourselves with others people who are more successful and have more net worth than. It is then that depression starts creeping into our mind, comparison is always good fi you take it in a positive way but it should not lead to self criticism.

First thing we should all remember is that everything every being in this creation has its own value and worth. Every human is unique and has his own talent which no one else can replace. We may encounter people who make criticize us, look down on us make us feel worth less. But remember one thing their criticism will not lessen your value and worth; you are still what you are.

Take for example a thousand rupees note, even if you crush the note, or dip it in water, it will still retain its value, you can still make use of it. No one will stop using it because it is crushed, because it still has its own value which no one can take away. No matter what others say about us or no matter how others feel about us we as individual humans have our own value and worth which no one can steal away from us.

So, never let this thought come to your mind that there are so many people who are more worthy than me more talented than me. Yes there will always be people who are better talented than you and less talented than you, but remember ‘there is only one you’.

You as a person are unique in your own thinking and talent and no one can replace you in that matter, so, move ahead with confidence in whatever work you do and give your best.


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