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Apr 4, 2013

Seven useful lessons for Life

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Life is journey where we go through so many ways some smooth, some hard, some rocky, hardly aware of what awaits us at the next turn, full of adventure and surprise. And in this journey time will teach us some valuable lessons which we need to learn to run our life smoothly. Some people are smart enough to learn these lessons by seeing others life hearing them and reading about them and some like experimenting with their own lives.

No one’s life is same nor situations and lessons learned, but there are some common things that every one of us needs to know about life. Below mentioned are some of the very important lessons that many great people and successful people have learned in life and have passed them on to us so that we can make our life easy, by learning from them. Let us look at those very important lessons.

1) No one is perfect in this world, everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses, so if you want to lead a happy life always look for what is good in others.

2) Always try to increase the number of friends and if possible never try to make enemies with anyone.

3) Don’t talk money matters with people. If you have, don’t talk; if you don’t have, also don’t talk.

4) Keep your feet on the ground; it is good to have dreams and keep working till you achieve them, but never miss out on reality.

5) As you receive from others make sure that you also give back to others. Either love or gifts or just anything; it should be a two way process. Don’t just spend your life taking from people. Try to experience the joy in giving.

6) Life slips out of our hand just like that even before you know. So try to spend in peace and happiness each moment. Don’t waste time thinking of past or future. Live in present and let others live the moment with you.

7) Above everything else keep your faith in God and lead life in the way he intended you to live. If there is one eternal companion in our life, it is God himself. So never ever leave him; always love him for everything that he has blessed you with.


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