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May 7, 2013

Corruption is Once Again Issue in Indian Politics

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corruption in India
The row of the 2G spectrum has been buzzing recently and one more issue of railway job scam came into limelight.  The opposition party, BJP started demanding resignation of railway minister and law minister over the corruption charges.

The issue of corruption once again back into Indian politics with bang. This time the UPA government should tackle the charges and act against those guilty, in order to save the image of clean government.

Meanwhile, in 2012, the country has witnessed a major battle against corruption by the leader Anna Hazare. And in 2013, also Anna may start crusade against the tainted ministers and attack the government over the corruption charges.

The country is going to have major battle of election for the Parliament in 2014, and the issue of corruption is sure to change the political scenario in the India.

The opposition is in no mood to leave the issue without getting attention of people towards the corruption issue.


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