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May 14, 2013

How to win elections?

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Elections are being held in many parts of the world, of late. Recently, the election was held in Pakistan, and Indian state of Karnataka. The most common thing about elections across the globe is the campaign.

Election campaign has been the core in the arena of elections. Whatever may be the predictions made by psephologists predict but the impact of the campaign was loud and clear on the election results.

The prime motto of election campaign is to win the election and for that leaders’ presence in public domain is inevitable.

From the Parliament elections to corporation elections in India, the election process involves high voltage drama packed campaign. And leaders do adopt very new and dynamic methods to reach voters.

The Gujarat elections held and the campaign strategy was full of use of modern available technology. Narendra Modi used the 3D feature to address, hanged live on Google + leaving the servers jam for hours.

In Pakistan, Imran Khan was injured but reached millions of his fans and voters through video conference.

In rural areas in India, the election fever is also influenced by the best election campaigns. The political leaders know how to use the public domain to reach their voters.

Often political leaders are seen on television shows, and their presence on the show gives them the advantage to being views by millions of voters.

Best election campaign could give victory. Leaders do like to have the best election campaign after all it matters to win the elections.


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