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Aug 6, 2013

Who is Big Politician or Bureaucrat?

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durga ias officer
The latest row over the suspension of IAS office in Uttar Pradesh has sparked the debate again, who is big – politicians or bureaucrats. As the Uttar Pradesh government said the centre that it could remove all IAS officers from the state, according to media.

In a democracy, the political structure and executive structure are the two main pillars. When it comes to question of their role or contribution, both are equal. But some cases make them different or their capacity. 

In the case of Uttar Pradesh, the new twist in the suspension – sand mafia link – added more colour to the story. The role of bureaucrats is more important because they plan and execute the policies. And no doubt, the elected representatives by the people are going to frame the rules to run the country, the real power of democracy lies there. 

Political leaders are doing their job right so as the bureaucrats. Now the role of centre is very important to judge the case and strike a line where both the powers could not cross further at any stage in the country.  


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