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Sep 26, 2013

No Panacea for the Problems You Have

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what is your problem

The fact can’t be denied that there is no panacea for all our problems. We wish if there could one single way solutions to all the existing problems, but hardly do there any such thing in existence.

Problems do disturb you, but the big question is how you are going to cope with the situation. When it comes to finding the proper solution, one should understand and study the problem and its root cause.

There are many ways to find solution and meditation is one of those, but it is also not a panacea for your problems. The interesting thing about the problem in life it is ongoing process in life like our wants.

Wants are root cause for your problems, right? Yes, the more wants you have the more problems you are going to face. Human wants are unlimited so as the problems. The more you want to satisfy your wants, the more you involve and that is sure to trigger the problems in life.

There is no specific definition for problem; it is depending on the individual perception. A problem would look small to one whereas the same could be a gigantic for others.

The problems are inevitable in the process of life and beauty as well.

Try on to give hard try to solve your problem, since in short span of time, it is almost impossible to solve all the problems you have with one panacea.

Coming to financial problem, that would be much tenser for all including elite people. While dealing with financial problem is not a cup of tea for all. For that a bit of planning and courage are required.

Whatever problems you have in life, do not allow those to toll on your happiness and lifestyle. There need a perfect strike of balance between problem and the way you live happiness. And also never overlook the problems, which could lead to disaster.


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