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Oct 2, 2013

What is the Need for Peace Talks?

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The recent terror attack on army camp in Jammu followed by attack on police station by militants, raises the question that what is the need for the peace talks between India and Pakistan.

There have been many rounds of peace talks, but the result is same and the brutal face of terrors has been teasing Indians for long.

The talks failure is not just a failure between the two nations but that weigh high on human life. Army and policemen are not commodities, they are human beings. They should not become target because of there is failure in peace process.

The important thing is that diplomatic management over the cross border terrorism, putting pressure on the neighbour is not only the solution to stop the terrorism.

Time has come to act on further to save the life of people including our army and police force. How long India would wait to thing to get fixed automatically?


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