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Dec 16, 2013

Is commercialization of Health and Education good for India?

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Health and Education are the two prime responsibility of any government in the countries like India. People do expect much from the government and its intervention in these two major sectors i.e., health and education.

In the modern world, where there is tough competition to reach the top among the companies, the health and education sectors are not in exception list. The government has been presenting and implementing many policies every year for better health and education.

The commercialization could mean the major role to be played by the private players rather than the government. However, the government would be at apex position to guide and give green signal to various measures in this arena.

No doubt, commercialization would have advantage in many folds but could not be a good option for the government either to establish the latter’s political presence in a democratic country.

The education sector has been core in building the nation, and fifty percent (personal opinion) the institution are being run by private groups or individuals. And further the commercialization would affect the country.

Government has been trying to implement and safeguard the ‘right to education’ in India and successful since the five decades.

The government is also successful in reducing the illiteracy rate in India. And the commercialization of education could be a negative to the literacy campaign in many aspects.

Rural health mission is the major flagship project for any government, and would not allow any commercialization in it.

In the country like India, partial commercialization is being good for the state and its people.

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