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Feb 14, 2014

Tea and Telangana to Influence Indian Politics in 2014?

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Here comes 2014 with a bang for the mega political battle in India, all parties have been gearing up to flex the muscles.

Indian politics too has been responding to the recent changes in the issues, and voters accepting the change and taking the issues more seriously.

The two factors – tea and Telangana could be the major to bring sea level change in Indian politics.

The first one is the now favor for the national party – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), where as the later could be a big trouble for the national party – Congress party (INC).

One of the leader criticized the Prime Minister candidate of BJP as tea seller. Now that proved a positive point for the BJP, as it recently started ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ by Narendra Modi popularly known as NaMo.

chai pe charcha modi In USA, tea party could be an event to host tea party by political parties, but India ‘tea’ level could make BJP further more popular.

The Jive at NaMo giving maximum to the party and gaining popularity day-by-day.

The recent survey done by the Times Now English news channel has project a clear majority for the NDA and BJP as the singles largest party to have maximum Lok Sabha seats in its favor in the next general election, could be held in April 2014, election commission of India yet to give notification over that.

The ‘Telangana’ issue has been haunting the Congress now, the leaders from Andhra Pradhesh demanding unite Andhra Pradesh opposing the bifurcation of another states.

The situation there is highly tense, as the formation of 29th state is not easy task for the UPA government at centre.

ruckus in parliament
The Parliament has seen a new low on Thursday, as two MPs from Andhra Pradesh behaved rude in the Parliament as the UPA has tabled the ‘Telangana bill’. India witnessed the behavior of the respected MPs in the Parliament – the temple of Indian democracy.

However, the bifurcation of another state could a big drawback for the Congress party as well as for the UPA II. Indian politics one hand giving maximum advantage to BJP over the Tea campaign, on the contrary ruling party could lose maximum seats in Andhra Pradesh over the ‘Telangana issue’…


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