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Mar 15, 2014

Indian Politics adopts news Technology

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election 2014
Election buzz is everywhere, be it in media or party office, all are busy in getting into their role to projects and portray the real picture of Indian politics.

News channels are being conducting exit polls; recently NDTV has broadcasted an exit poll, which believed to be based on new technology. The survey is said to be covered around 12 lakh respondents in 350 lok sabha constituencies.

The best thing is that, Indian politics is now adopting the new technology including the digital media – social media.

Of course, the tea politics has got a big platform in India, and a party has discussed with people on various places, but also the discussion was loud on social media sites.

Now the political parties have been gathering and disseminating information through various methods depending on new technology.

The popular usage of smart-phones, tabs, computers and laptops have changed the election propaganda in India like the western world.

Cyber media has been at peak and the users have been started attracting their voters towards their agenda.

There is no place for the traditional issues like –water, electricity, and home in the digital media campaign by the parties. Of course, the derivation of theses issue is seen though.


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