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May 29, 2014

Changing Political Equation in India

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The political equation has been changed in India, the recently concluded General Election left many in puzzle. There were many equations have been considered to get a look at 'what could be the election results'.  However, some news channels have rightly projected the election results in their exit poll programmes, thanks to them for their right projection.

The new thing in the election many learnt that election results are more uncertain that thought. Anti incumbency factor was the major reason for the debacle of  Congress in India, but the campaign and personality of NaMo - Narendra Modi - now Prime Minister, that changed many political equation.

The General election has given a clear mandate to BJP, which has its own majority and formed the government with NDA parties. This also clear indication that era of coalition politics has come to an end. Now single party and stable government are the positive signs the country have.

Now the economic reforms could take a pace since having stable government at center.  Political parties, those aim to have their hold in their respective areas might got the message of the people that they would vote for the development.

The next elections would be interesting as the parties would be going to people with theme of development. Politically, the era of coalition and other equations might fail once again.


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