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May 19, 2014

Money Attitude: Right or Wrong?

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If there is one thing of concern to everyone in today’s time it is money, money and more money. Right from an ordinary wage earner/ an employee dependent on the pay cheque, or entrepreneur or corrupt politicians and system. Every one’s only main problem is life is how to secure more and more money and how to lead life comfortably.

Money in itself is not bad. It is our attitude towards money that is making us corrupt and forgets morals. If we go back to the history of money, it was invented to make the life a human easy. But on the contrary now it has made our life difficult to live. The main reason behind this is the ever increasing prices and corrupt system that is responsible for concentration of money only with a particular organization or a person.

If any country needs to prosper there should be a flow of money, like water when flows, it quenches the thirst, gives rise to crops, increases life. But when it gets stagnated it becomes polluted and useless. So, individuals who wish to prosper and want to see the nation and world prosper should, earn only that much that is required for a descent living of their family. If one’s income levels are very high than required, it should be distributed in the needy.

In India, in our scriptures it is written as to how to spend the money. It is said earning money is not wrong especially if he is a house holder; it is his responsibility to earn money and to look after the needs of the family members. In the income a part of the money should be kept aside for future needs such as, education, marriage, health concerns, retirement etc., some portion for any unforeseen emergencies, and some portion for the society, for charitable cause. And some money for spiritual concerns.

This is how we need to budget the wages or income that we earn honestly and morally. Money earned in this way and spent in the above mentioned way, always leads to the betterment of the individual and the society at large. But only if we follow this, the other main attitude that we need to have if we want to prosper financially is to always think, hear and do good with money. When you spend money, feel happy that by God’s grace you are able to pay bills and buy things. When you receive money in any form feel happy that by his grace you have earned or received it.

When receiving money, or when receiving wage or income or a gift, let it be a rupee even, don’t feel that it is only small money what will I do with this. Feel happy and be grateful to God that he has blessed you with that. If you continue to exhibit this attitude towards money at all the times and in all circumstances, you will see that circumstances will change for betterment and you will prosper in finances.


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