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May 20, 2014

Positive Side of Pain

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positive side of pain
Avoiding pain, perhaps this is one thing, any human would want to do we all want to avoid pain at any cost. Let it be physical pain or mental pain, none of us want to lead a painful life. But the truth is that we learn the life’s most important lessons only when we are in pain, and we learn to recognize the pain of others only when we have experienced it.

To avoid physical pain we try buying things for our comfort, like using all the machines, let it be a bike, car, or Ac all these are created for our physical comfort and to avoid pain at the physical level. As long as we see through the closed glasses of our cars we don’t know the pain that a common man under goes so we make fun of him and ill treat him. But a day comes when you have to work hard even for a rupee, and are prepared to do anything for it. That day you realize the difficulty of a common man.

Physical pain may be avoided by using more and more machines to work for us. But mental pain, every one experience at one stage or the other, pain of losing a job, pain of ill health, pain of losing a dear one and the list is endless. But the life’s most important lessons you learn only in these phases, you know who your true friends and well wishers are when you are in difficulties.

When you see someone falling sick in your family, you learn that you need to be careful about your health and your dear one’s health. When you lack finances you learn the value of money and its importance in life, you mould your attitude towards it and you prosper never repeating the mistake again. So, there is something for us to learn and grow in life from pain. So, next time when we experience some kind of pain dig deep into the reason, learn from it and grow, because this is the positive side of the pain.


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