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Jun 13, 2014

Some Myths and Realities about our Outlook towards Life

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By our own real life experiences and by hearing from those of others. We come to some conclusions that life is like this, things are like this people are like this. But the actual facts that are proven by science are very different from what we assume as true. Knowing these facts will help us move in a positive direction ad progress in life. Let us throw some light on those facts.

1. Many of us feel that life is tough and a hard path to take, but in reality life has more positive events in store for us than the negative ones. But why it does not manifest so is because our brain most of the time tends to focus on negativity rather than positive events. So we need to see the other side the positive side to prosper.

2. We think that if we need to be successful we need to be serious about the thing, but in reality the more relaxed and sportive attitude you have towards life, the more you will be successful.

3. We believe that remembering our weaknesses and minuses will help us to grow. But in fact if we ponder over a long time on our negatives they will pull us down. Instead we should try to accept them as a part and go in increasing or building our positive traits.

4. It is another illusion that to succeed in this modern and competitive age we need to think about ourselves. On the contrary the more we develop understanding and compassion the more we prosper in our ways. The more we give to others the more we get.

5. To be more productive we think we need to devote each and every minute of our time to work, but the reality is that the more time you give yourself to relax and recharge the better you will be able to perform.


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