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Jul 24, 2014

Top 10 Benefits of Dreams

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Every one has different opinion about dreams, even those working on dreams and trying to know about it could not come to a definite conclusion as to why dreams occur. Many feel that it is just a mental projection of images and emotions and some feel that they have a meaning and show us what we are.

Well, if we keep aside these differences, there are many benefits of dreams in health point of view, let us look at them.

1. According to a research dreams help in coping up with stress.

2. Dreams help in conflict resolution, in fact many people have experienced that they have come up with solutions to problems, through dreams.

3. Dreams help in regulating our moods and make it better.

4. According to a research dreams help in coping up with and reduce depression.

5. Dreams help in improving memory and helps to be more creative.

6. Dreams help in understanding ourselves better and assists in the process of development.

7. Dreams help in healing emotional and psychological wounds and helps us to come out of them.

8. Many people have dreams that come true in life. So, in those cases dreams act as a guide in life.

9. To some people dreams act as a training ground while for some other people dreams reveal their past life experiences.

10. Dreams recharge us and empower us and above all it is fun to experience dreams, unless they are night mares ok.

Well, to conclude dreams are dreams and whether we experience bad or good they are not real. There are many definitions set by different people as to how to interpret dreams and what do they mean. But, in reality though dreams may be common to people but their interpretation is totally personal, so depending on theories and books may not help us.

Instead if we do a self analysis as to how they relate to us, or actually is there anything that they convey to us is what we have to learn personally. It is not also necessary that every dream has a meaning and it conveys something. So, you are your own judge in matter of dreams. If there is anything to learn from them and to get benefited from them we better do so, otherwise just keep having fun.


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