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Aug 26, 2014

Ten Things That You Should not do with Your Child

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The role of parents in bringing up ‘a child is very important. As there are some do’s and don’ts for everything, parenting also involves some things that you should not do with your child. Every child is different, and needs to be taken care as per the situations, but there are some usual things that parents keep doing, but which should not be done. Let us take a look at those aspects.

1. Many parents force the children and act harsh with them when it comes to education. But instead of making it a night mare for a child they should see that child himself takes initiative to study. Education and learning activities may be fun, if presented in a way that child likes.

2. Today in many cases both the parents go to work and when they are back they are busy with other activities that don’t find time to talk to children. But if you want to know what’s happening in your child’s life and want him to trust you and rely on you then it is very important to spend some quality time with them.

3. Punishment should not be a way of dealing with child. When child does something wrong he behavior should be corrected. If you just keep punishing, fear will overtake his mind and he will be able to do nothing. Whatever you want to convey whatever you want him to do use the language of love, to make things happen.
4. Many parents give children whatever they ask for, they thing they are showing love but it is not right. Children should be given what they need and when they need, they should not be under the impression that whatever I will ask my parents will give, this will only spoil a child.

5. Many children today lead an unhealthy life style, they don’t eat on time, sleep on time nor they go out to play. This is very serious aspect that parents need to act on, they should see that the child takes nutritious and balanced food, leads a healthy life style. He should be encouraged to go out and play involve in other activities that are good for body and mind.

6. Many parents see only the short comings in the child and never see the positive side though they see they do not find it important to mention good things. Most of the time they criticize the child for negative things, this is not at all good every child has some positive aspects and negative ones instead of criticizing him for negative ones he should be encouraged to work on them and improve and every good behavior how small it may be it should be recognized and child should be given credit.

7. As parents we should never ignore a child’s problems or complaints. When he or she comes to us believing in us that we are there for them you should listen to them first and then solve it. Otherwise the child will think that we don’t care for him and will never open up.

8. Sometimes when disciplining a child parents lose their control and start beating or abusing a child, but this is not right this will make a child’s life worse. Violence will not solve problems and instead will make matters worse, so don’t lose your control and set a bad example for the child.

9. Many parents don’t allow child to involve in activities out of over care and affection, they don’t encourage him to learn new things. This is not good for a child’s development, as parents we should take care of child, and protect him but he should also be exposed to all normal things. Otherwise when he has to face a difficult situation he will not be able to withstand it.

10. What you do is more important than what you teach or say when it comes to children. Because children learn more by seeing their parents and other members of the family, their behavior, the way they interact and react etc. So, make sure that you do what you say and set a good example for your child as a parent. Otherwise we will not be able to gain child’s respect and love.


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