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Sep 30, 2014

For Mr. B Prabhakaran, Safety for all is the paramount priority at Thriveni Earthmovers Pvt Ltd.

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For Mr. B Prabhakaran, Safety for all is the paramount priority at Thriveni Earthmovers Pvt Ltd.

Safe Mining is a huge challenge in the Mining Industry, but Thriveni Earthmovers have tried many new innovative things to marry mining with safety.

A proven track record spanning two decades of experience, Thriveni Earthmovers, have a project portfolio that testifies the expertise and a prominent client base from the mining and manufacturing industry that is an evidence of their mining excellence.  

Thriveni Earthmovers, have substantially witnessed growth under the guidance of their managing director Mr. B Prabhakaran and continue to provide the best mining solutions in India and abroad.

Along with the growth, there has been huge focus on Safety of employee, employee health, protection of environment, social activities and community development.

Thriveni EarthmoversMr. B Prabhakaran, has been instrumental in motivating &inspiring the employees to provide the efficient amalgamation of technology, safety & health of the workers and environment. With substantial experience of over 20 years, Mr. B Prabhakaran has successfully accomplished many challenging projects keeping in mind, the welfare of workers, surrounding community & the environment.

One of the key focus for Mr. B Prabhakaran is to provide training, re training and continuous training at Thriveni Earthmovers. Fortnight training is also organised for all employees and drivers & helpers of outside transporters who carry the material from mines to railway sidings. In addition, the employees are also facilitated with job training, fire fighting training and safety sessions by St. John Ambulance Association faculties etc.

Mr. B. Prabhakaran firmly believes and ensures that safe operating procedures are followed all across the organisation. A full-fledged Safety Organisation is established, lead by vice president and safety Managers at each site. The site also has dedicated team of safety officers to manage the safe operations at site. Mr. B Prabhakarn says “At Thriveni, at any point of time when we start any kind of activity we think that safety is the paramount requirement so it starts not at the mileage self because it is the preparing the people before we get into the any kind of activity related to mine “.

Thriveni Earthmovers also provide adequate safety gadgets, depending upon the requirement at the work place. Keeping in mind, the safety of the environment, Thriveni Earthmovers make sure that they carry out environment friendly mining activities and every equipment utilized for mining practice undergoes regular safety checks and careful assessment.

Thriveni Earthmovers provide regular health check-ups and field level Emergency health support services. Mr. B Prabhakaran expresses his vision of safety in very simple language. He says “Safety starts at the initial stages at the time of planning the operation itself. With this we are able to bring us the safe environment.”

At Thriveni, the single point agenda is to ensure that safety standards are followed in the entire spectrum of mining and post mining operations. Mr. B Prabhakaran summarizes his mission “Since safety is paramount and we believe that because most of the people are taken up at the local grass root level, they are given the complete exposure about how to work very safely with the best of safety practices. So our standard is not to weaken but to excel in the standards of safety”

Safety is a way of life at Thriveni Earthmovers and Mr. B Prabhakaran adds “We always believe that a beautiful beginning can only happen if there is again a safety in its every value and every step what it takes”

Thriveni Earthmovers’ mission is not only to excel in mining business but to understand their responsibility towards the society and its social welfare.


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