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Sep 30, 2014

Get a slender, beautiful Neck with Botox

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The anti-ageing marvel Botox can also be used to beautify the neck

Dr. Janak Thakkar, Orna Skin- Advanced Laser & Hair Care Centre, Rajkot

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, but it has many dimensions. For some, eyes reflect the beauty of a person, for others a glowing skin is what constitutes beauty. For still others, a beautiful neck is as much a reflection of beauty as is the face.

Neck is also the area of the body that can become the biggest give away of your age, for the thin skin of the neck sags early and more visibly.

While we all know the effective use of wonder drug Botox in erasing the wrinkles of the face, do you know it can also be used to beautify the neck in a procedure interestingly named Nefertiti Neck.

The legendary 14th century BC queen of Egypt Nefertiti was as much renowned for her beauty as she was for her policies and active involvement in the affairs of her kingdom. One look at the portrait of Nefertiti and you will know why the neck beautifying procedure is named after her. A slender, long and beautiful neck augmented Nefertiti’s beauty manifolds.

With modern technology and research giving us miraculous powers, many women of the day are getting their necks crafted like Nefertiti with a simple and brief non-invasive procedure using Botox.

A major feature of ageing is the sagging skin under the chin and on the neck. Even if you have kept your face looking gleaming and beautiful, your neck will certainly give away your age. Nefertiti neck is a procedure that addresses the contours of the area of the neck and the chin. It's not as common as Botox for frown lines and crow’s feet but it is fast gaining popularity among women and some men. The reason is that not many people are aware of it. Cosmetologists, however, say that such is the effect of the procedure that if people who get it done once often come back to repeat it”.

Using Botox, the sagging of the skin can be reduced by reducing the downward pull of the muscles. The neck lift will allow you wear off shoulder dresses too. The procedure helps contour the jawline by redefining the chin, the jaw and the neck into more beautifully crafted, wrinkle free features. A younger looking and beautifully contoured neck and chin is what you get through the procedure.

So, if you long for a beautiful neck that allows you to wear off-shoulder dresses too, a few minutes at a cosmetologist can do wonders for you. But make sure to go to a trained expert.Sometimes, Botox can be used in conjugation with fillers like Juvederm to also give greater depth to the chin or broadness to the jaw.

Jawline correction with Botox is a procedure especially popular among men in whom a wide jawline is considered a desired beauty trait.

The best part is that it is a non surgical non invasive procedure which uses just Injectables. It takes just a few minutes and little downtime


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