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Oct 21, 2014

Apartment Blocks Really ‘A-Part-ments’

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By G. Gayathri

This incident happened in real. A posh apartment complex in a metropolitan, with all the modern amenities and comforts. It's night ten o clock and someone is having dinner, someone is already asleep and someone is busy with the cores at home.

Suddenly there is lot of activity and everyone is running down to the cellar area, suddenly there is a knock on the door and all of us were asked immediately to switch off the main and leave to the cellar area.

There is some malfunction in the main of the block where all the electricity mains are there and it has caught fire and sparks were already seen in homes at the ground level.

So everyone is immediately alerted and asked to come down. Every one left home as it is and left for down stairs, where everyone is assembled.

Fire engine has come and everyone is talking about the accident and long it will take to restore the mains and how difficult it would be to manage without electricity.

As it is an apartment complex there are buildings opposite and beside this block where the incident took place. There, from that block, people are peeping from the windows and doors trying to find out what is happening and some are closing their already open doors, switching off lights, as if they have seen nothing and nothing matters to them.

There are nearly four blocks in the complex and not one person from another block has come to find out at least what has happened and offered any kind of help or anything.

All living in the same building, all working in corporate and multinational companies drawing salaries in lakhs, very well educated and living high end lifestyle.

I was wonder struck, what kind of educated persons are we and have our hearts also become so concrete, living in the concrete jungle? Don’t we feel anything for our fellow humans and are we just living life as money making machines and nothing else.

By God’s grace nothing serious happened and everyone was safe. But what kind of humans are we if something happens to a crow all other crows come and at least make noise, animals and birds have this sense, but what happened to humans?

People in the cities feel that they are superior to people in villages and in towns but in a remote place and in villages or for that matter in slums that are there in the cities if something happens every one comes together and stands united. These are the things that we definitely need to learn from them and from birds and animals even.

Let us get back to our basics and the roots from where we hail. Let us try to remember that we are humans and we are supposed to have a responding and sensitive heart. Our greatness and development does not lie in foreign degrees and corporate cheques, but the way behave and lead life, not just living for ourselves and for our family, but thinking of helping others in times of necessity.


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