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Feb 19, 2015

AK Mishra’s talk on Art of Success at M​aitreyi College

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Chanakya IAS Academy
Chanakya IAS Academy, in collaboration with Maitryee College organized SuccessGuru A.K. Mishra’s acclaimed Art Of Success Seminar on 18th Feb 2015 at the New Auditorium, Maitryee College, New Delhi. The title of the workshop was Art Of Success and the chief speaker was SuccessGuru A.K. Mishra, who gave insights and tips on excellence to the students present. The workshop was largely attended by students from different departments of the College.

SuccessGuru A.K. Mishra, gave insights on excellence tips to the students and motivated them to convert their weakness into strength and think like Civil Services Aspirants. The Seminar provided guidance to the aspirants on how to discover yourself, and this method of lecture not only kept the students glued to their seats but also encouraged them to engage positively with Success Guru AK Mishra.

In this seminar, SuccessGuru A.K.Mishra discussed the significance of development of administrative traits in Civil Services as an important condition for their success in Civil Services examination. During this seminar, he briefly explained “How To Discover Yourself?” According to him, you are Universe in this epitome, because there is always something you know better than the others. You weren't accident, you are not mass produced, and you were not assembly line product. You are deliberately planned, specifically gifted and lovingly positioned on earth by master craftsman. He said that never consider yourself as poor. You have unlimited power and this world belongs to believers. Start living with the belief and you will achieve everything you desire with a focused mind towards your Goal.


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