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Nov 22, 2011

Winter Session: Both the Houses Adjourned

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 Political News: As expected, the Winter Session convened on Tuesday and also adjourned till Wednesday following the chaos over many issues in the house. Major issue has been the price rise or inflation, which is not under control. And the UPA government will face many question from the respected Member of Parliaments over this issue.

And its the major concern of the common man in India too as they have been suffering during the high price. The second big issues would be the splitting Uttar Pradesh into four new states by the Mayawati government. The Samajwadi Party members started chaos over the issue of diving UP into four new states.

The Telegana has been the major factor, as the members will demand answer from the UPA government, the normal life there has been paralyzed for more than two months over demand for a new state. Congress MPs and MLAs have been supporting the demand for new state and some resigned.

UPA senior leader and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee met the left party leaders over the winters session of the Parliament. Earlier, the speaker had called all party meeting over the winter session.


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