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May 4, 2012

Education is only Business?

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Education has become the best business of late, no doubt in that. This is the best business that can give you the best returns against less investment. Right?

If any one thinks - Education is only business of late, then that person might be wrong in many ways. However the fact also can't be denied that some education institutes reportedly charging high fees, and running it as the best business.

Knowledge is divine and teacher is considered as the first guru in India, and the culture gives highest respect to a teacher. Of late, September 5 is celebrated as 'Teachers Day' in India.

The ethics and culture are being united in order to give the best education to the students, no matter if there few cases of malpractice or business tactics in association with educational institutes.

The culture and true ethics are the root causes for good education in India, in the beginning stage; but the chain of the duo eliminates gradually as the rank of the class or grade changes of a student.

Student in the entry level of education, has very different and pure thoughts about the education and his/her institution. As they enter into college or professional educational institutes, the start changing their thoughts about educational institutions.

Might be the culture and high donation/fees force the students think otherwise about the educational institutes. In terms of business, educational institutes can yield more income or have been earning good profit, but still the sector is considered as noble one, which aims towards the service the society.

(The thoughts express in the article are purely my personal)


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