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May 25, 2012

Let's Protect Our Nature

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Man is dependent on nature for all lifesaving sources. From the air we breathe, water we consume, food we take, everything nature gives us. Yet our attitude towards these most priceless resources is quiet shocking. Today we complain about everything in nature, natural calamities, imbalance in nature, extreme climatic conditions, no rains on time, polluted air, water, everything.

In earlier times, human life span was quiet long when compared to now. Because our older generations used to live in a pollution free environment and their life style was quiet complimentary with nature. In today’s time everything is artificial and far away from even thought of nature. So we are more prone to diseases and shorter life span, comparatively. If we think for a while as to who is responsible for all this, the answer will be, each one of us in our own small way. Hard to accept, but truth.

Right from the time we are born, we breathe in air, and with out it, we cannot exist even for a second. But still most of us, most of the times, behave as if we don’t realize its value. We cut down trees, don’t even think of planting and growing new ones, we pollute air with all sorts of gases and chemicals that we let out into the environment. In today’s life we are entirely dependent on machines of all sorts for every thing. We use washing machines, air conditioners, vehicles for transportation; all these things let out dangerous gases and chemicals into the environment and destroy ozone layer. We have become so addicted to these machines, that we can hardly imagine our life without them.

So many of us today are facing health challenges because of air pollution especially in cities, where the problem is peak. This is because too much of vehicle pollution, and every year the number of vehicles on the roads are increasing in a high ratio. People have really forgotten to walk, we prefer taking vehicle to cover even small distances where we can go easily by walk, today we see so many people obese this is one of the reasons. When we use vehicle even for small distances where we can go by walk, we are wasting oil, wasting money, spoiling our health and most of all polluting the environment.

Another important and most valuable resource is water. Water constitutes a major part of our body. You can live without food for some days but not without water. Most of the commodities that we use on a daily basis are chemical based let it be soaps, detergents, cleaning liquids etc when we use these and let go the waste water, it either pollutes the water it goes to where ever it may be river, sea any where. And if it gets dissolved into the earth, it makes soil infertile, or useless.

There was a time, when people used to laugh that water will be sold or you have to pay for it. But now in today’s time we can see people and even states fighting for water. As is our nature, we don’t value natural resources because they are available in plenty and free. We value money, because, we know how hard it is to earn, so we use it wisely. If such is the case for money how much more careful we should be, while using natural resources, which we cannot produce and which no riches of the world can buy. We can be the richest person on the earth, but if soil becomes infertile we will not be able to produce even a grain of food, if it doesn’t rain in time we have no water for agriculture or even to drink. So we should be thousand times more careful whenever or whatever natural resource we are using.

So better we wake up to the reality before it is too late for us to do any thing. If each one of us in our own little way, take small steps towards not polluting environment in any way and not waste any of the resources such as water, start planting trees, if not else where in our own home, when ever possible start covering small distances by walk, start using eco friendly, biodegradable and organic products.

These small steps that we take today, will give our future generations, a better, healthy and pollution free environment. So don’t look for some one else to start, because when each one of us, not looking for others, start, doing our part, the job will be done. Because it is only tiny drops of water that make a big ocean.


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