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Jun 25, 2012

Politics is a Good Business?

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Politics a is a good business, how does that sounds to you? For many, politics is the complete business but for noble and genuine persons it is the best way to server the country. Over the years, the definition of politics has been changed. In academics, the meaning of political science remains same.

It is the behavior and activities of few political leaders that changed politics as a slang. And it is also not fault of the common men to think so. Anything is done for the shake of profit is a business and if your getting a good chuck of profits then it can be called a good business.

There are no boundaries to stop your profit making from your business so from politics. Meaning of the political science, we have studied as

 "Political Science is that part of social science which deals with the foundations of the state and the principles of the government." 
But the meaning you find changing every time you gauge the politics in the world, not only in India. A political science student from the beginning studies about the scope of political science in the society. In reality, the definition is not a good fit in the democracy where the values are less, quantity is given prominence. 

 Politics is good term which aimed to serve the people and society. Young generation need to understand the true meaning of the politics and need to come forward to change the society then would like to see.


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