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Jul 5, 2012

Change is the Key to Success

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Most of the persons, in normal course of life, tend to fear change, let it be in the personal life, or professional life. The obvious reason is that, we are not prepared for change, or we expect things to go in a routine and organized way. But in today’s fast moving business world, nothing is routine and organized; you can take it for granted that ‘continuous and ongoing changes will only be the unchangeable thing in the business world’.

Every IT person, and persons in the computer field let it be hard ware, soft ware, networking anything know that learning does not stop and training does not stop. Every time new technological advancement is made, or some new invention is made it affects the entire industry’s structure and everyone has to update himself, otherwise, he will be left behind. Every Doctor now a day’s need to update himself with the invention of new medicines, new machinery at disposal, new and better ways of surgery, treatment, what not everything. Old and fixed things mostly don’t work in today’s business world.

No field is an exception for this rule, so if there is anything that is constant it is only change, and most of the times change is always for better and to prosper. When you are exposed to new working conditions, new situations, new projects to handle or when you seem to face challenges in your field, please don’t forget that, every time you are learning new things, making additions and changes to your work or in the organization, we are increasing our worth in this competitive world.

The more you are exposed to new things, more tough, new and innovative, projects you handle more clients you make, every time all this is increasing your worth as a person and as a organization. So changes in the industry, changes in the business field, make you know where you stand and what yourself worth is as a person and as an organization, this in turn helps you to know your short comings and helps to assess the areas where you can improve. So the best way to look at the changes is to accept them as opportunities, to better yourself as a person and as an organization. The more you are able to cope up the changes, or instead you become the agent for change or become trend setter, more becomes yourself worth, and more self worth means more net worth.


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