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Jul 10, 2012

What Discipline Means?

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We all have different kinds of goals that we want to achieve in life, and we also need to follow a particular set of behavior that helps us reach our goal, this is discipline. If you want to be a good sports person, you have a fixed schedule and a way of life that you need to adapt, right from the food you eat, the time you sleep, everything is to be laid in such a fashion, that it helps you to achieve your goal. If you are traveling somewhere, you follow a particular route map that allows you to reach the place safely and at the earliest, this is a discipline you follow.

Like wise, at each and every stage of life, we follow different patterns of life that helps us achieve our objective, when you are a student your lane of discipline is different, when you become a bread earner it again differs. But in spite of the stage you are in, it is a must for us to discipline our life style in accordance with our goals. Because without discipline, you will not be sure as to where, when and how, you will reach your goal. Discipline in personal life is very important for any person, and is the basis for any kind of goal you want to achieve in your life.

If you follow a disciplined and laid out schedule every day, that helps you keep fit mentally and physically, it means you have control over your life and its activities. When you have control over your day to day activities, and determine what and how you do things, it means that, you are the creator of your own life and its events. So fix your goals and the way you want to reach them, adapt the kind of life style that coincides with your goals, and you can be sure of achieving them.


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