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Aug 30, 2012

Are Beauty pageant just a way of objectifying Women

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Fashion industry, fashion trends, and beauty related industries, such as cosmetics etc, have a very huge influence on today’s women. With the increase in the number of working women, and that too in the corporate sector, it has become a must for them to look up to date, and modern. So, to attain a confident and corporate look, it has become a must to adapt modern dressing style, and makeup, to a great extent.

Peoples dressing style and make up style change according to the time, place and need. Right from the attire you wear, your hair style, make up, jeweler, to the slippers that you wear should blend, that too with the time and occasion. With the changing times and changes in the society, and to get on in the work place and in the society and neighborhood, it has become a must to follow the trends in the fashion and make up and others, otherwise you will be treated as odd one out.

So, to keep up with the changes in time and in the society, women definitely follow the trends in fashion world and in the beauty world. In fact, new fashionable clothes and designs are created keeping in mind the needs of the various women, their life style and even age. Even new range of cosmetics and beauty care products are designed and made, keeping in view different age groups and their needs. Jewellery is no exception to this, a wide range of designer collections are available, depending on need and occasion. So, this is enough to state as to, how much, the trends in fashion and beauty influence women in the society.

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