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Aug 17, 2012

Online Education: Advantages & Disadvantages

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It has been since last few years and with the boom in the IT and ITES sector, that online education system has gained popularity and has come into existence. For the ones who are, talented enough to learn from the text and from the audio files, likewise, professionals and working people, those who cannot spare time to go to regular universities, but are interested to pursue their education, online education system is very beneficial.

But for those, who are out of college, going to higher educational institutions and regular universities is the best option. When you learn from professors, you have a chance to clarify your queries, follow a regular pattern of studies; can take help from your peers and professors when you think you need it. The biggest advantage is that, you can learn from the experience of the person, who is sharing with you, his life time’s knowledge. When professors teach they don’t just teach you, according to only syllabus, they share with you their practical experience and guide you in the right way, which is not there in online education.

Another advantage is that when you go to regular university or college, you have a chance to mingle with people, may be more talented than you or like you, when you get acquainted with people and mingle with them you can share your knowledge with them and take their guidance and help you need it. Education is not only studying a professional course or a subject to earn some money, when you go to regular college or university, you learn how to mingle with people, and learn the ways and means things work in the society. You learn how to deal with a persons of various nature, this helps you to mould yourself into a better person worldly wise, because when you graduate out of college, it is in the society that you need to live, so when you go to regular education system, you learn the ways of the society and people.

When you go to regular college or university, you have a chance to look for other areas of your talents; say may be like, sports, music, dance etc. And it is only in this system that you make great friends and friends for life time, and those lasting memories, that you will cherish, for your life time. All this is not possible, when you sit in front of a system, and try to educate yourself, you may learn subject, but you will definitely miss out, on all these other important aspects.

So, for those people who are experienced, talented, have vast knowledge and need no guidance or assistance of any sort, and who cannot spare time, online education is the best option, but for those who can, spare time to go to regular college, or university, this is the best option, as it not only gives you formal education, but helps you grow as a person, and to be a better human being.


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