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Sep 24, 2012

Examinations - Has it Killed Education?

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First, before knowing if examinations have killed education, it s important to know, why and what for examinations are taken. The main objective of taking an examination is, to know if the student has understood the subject, and if he is capable or worth of being promoted to higher or further studies. This is the reason behind conducting any sort of examination, to know the worth of the candidate or the student.

But, unfortunately, now a day’s the ranking system and the grades are considered to be everything. And to get those grades and ranks, students are being forced to mug up everything and literally vomit it in the examination answer sheet. No wonder, that, we find so many people, who does not know, how to answer the same question if put in another way. Especially the examination pattern in India. Answering long questions, mugging up the answers, this is the cause of all the problems.

There are separate patterns, of exams such as answering in an alphabetical mode, which enable the student to understand the subject and to know it and grasp it. But the existing system, instead of encouraging the student to study, is making them hate education. Education should be a pleasant experience, and students should feel passionate about their studies, that is how the education should be.

But because of these examination pattern, and the fear of exams that is being forced into the minds of the students. By parents, teachers and every one, and their craze for ranks and grades, these are the reasons that have killed education. No one is bothered as to what the student has understood, or is he gaining knowledge. Everyone is bothered about ranks and scores. So, to say, in a way, the existing examination pattern, and the fear of exams, coming first, scoring high marks. These are the factors that have killed education.


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