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Sep 10, 2012

Scam Ridden Indian Economy

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Selfishness is the main reason behind, all the corruption and scams. Political system has become a means of earning, and accumulating money, a short cut to earn crores of money, in a short span. The thought of people, welfare of the people, where the country is going? Hardly matters to anyone. Whom to blame, and what to blame?

No department is scam free, and hardly any politician is scam free, some scams and people involved have come out, others have not come out, but scams and corruption have become omnipresent. The main reason behind all the scams is the unity that runs through the entire system, that too for a wrong cause and purpose. Right from the lowest person in the department, to the minister, everyone has their share and their role to play.

If only one person is corrupt and rests all are, honest, no scam can ever happen. As now, for scam and to eat away the money of the public or the government, everyone is getting united; likewise, if all the persons get united to be honest, leaving no scope for scams to happen, definitely there will be no scams. For all the wrong reasons we have unity, but for one right reason, the officials and the politicians become united, India will be scam free nation.

There should be strict laws and rules against corruption, and severe action should be taken against each and every person involved. And most important thing is that, the person should not be left punished, but all the money that he has accumulated by the wrong means should be recovered and used for the welfare of the public. A person proven guilt in the scam should not be allowed to continue in politics or government service, only then this will stop. Even the thought of scam or corruption, should not come to the minds of the persons, such should be the laws, only then our nation will progress.


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