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Oct 2, 2012

Do We Really Need Education To Be Successful?

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Success means different things to different people. For some, success is, having name, fame and money. For someone else I may be something. Each person has his own definition of success. But to have growth in any field, education is a must. Education gives us knowledge; let it be of any kind, it always helps us to think better and to do things in a better way. Education is a way to enlighten ourselves, and without it we are nowhere.

You go to spiritual field; you need to acquire knowledge from the Guru. You want to be a professional, let it be of any field, you need to acquire knowledge, again you need education. But there are many exceptional cases of very successful people, who have no education, but still were very successful and could become exemplary for many. So, we cannot deny the fact that, only through education a person will or can become, successful.

It is not always necessary, that you need formal education, to be successful in any field. But we cannot also deny the fact that it is not necessary at all. There is one important factor we should not forget, that is. Formal education is not the only education, every day in our life we have new experiences, we encounter new situations. And through all this we educate ourselves, when we meet new people we learn something from them and again, we are educating ourselves.

So, education, either formal or in life, is a must to be successful in life and in profession also. And it is an ongoing process till our last breath, we keep on educating ourselves, either about people, things, situations; let it be of any kind. This brings us to a conclusion that, education in any form, is necessary, to be successful in life, but not necessarily only formal education.


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