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Oct 27, 2012

Management Tips: Managerial Decision Making

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Management Tips
Decision making at the level of manger, is really an art. This involves making decisions, on the individual level, without the concern of the others. There are other kinds of decisions that involve other people. So, the decision making process when it comes to managerial level, becomes very complicated.

There are kinds of decisions that need to be made on a personal level, without the concern of others. These need great competence, having correct information to come to a conclusion, and right assessment of the situation time etc, these decisions may not necessarily need others concern or opinion and are made on a individual level and are executed. Then there are other kinds of decisions that need the involvement of other people, Involvement of the people concerned with the work, their opinion etc.

These kinds of decisions can be made, by putting the problem or the situation in front of the concern persons, taking their opinion, and them with mutual concern or coming to a common conclusion decision is made, in this kind of situation no propels are there from the manager. Then there are situations where the manger thinks about the situation, or a problem assesses it, designs a set of solutions and then places the choices in front of the others to make a choice.

As a manager which kind of decisions you make, depends on your relationship with the others. Then as per the organization structure, what kind of freedom and at what level it has given to its manager. Apart from all these, how much ever you may study the pros and cons of a situation and take a decision, you will only come to learn about the practical aspects and if the decision you have made is hundred percent right only after implementing.


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