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Oct 29, 2012

The Stand of Apple Products in India

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Apple is the largest seller of smartphones and tablets across the world with its wide range of products and innovative features. Some of the eye catching products launched by Apple in recent days are the new iPhone 5, the new range of iPods and now the iPad Mini. Resting the rumors about iPad 3, Apple unveiled the iPad Mini, a much lighter and slicker iPad which includes all the functionality of an iPad. But what the question is how these Apple products are performing in the Indian market and how many people are really aware about its innovative features. Let’s see how it goes.

Who use Apple products in India?
  1. 27 million of people in India are actually using smartphones and Samsung is the brand which most of the people prefer.
  2. In India, you’ll see business emeralds, celebrities, and top dollar earners using iPhone or iPad the most. Companies like Samsung and Nokia are providing the same quality features in their smartphones at cheaper rates and that’s what making the competition tough for Apple.
  3. For a Dollar economic country buying an iPhone or iPad is not a big issue. But when it comes to India, the rates became doubled and Apple products became unaffordable for a small scale earner.
  4. To increase the demand, Apple India tied up with some big educational institutions, banks and technology enterprises of India. It provides iPad, iPhone and Mac at mass volume and cheaper rates.
  5. Most of the outsourcing software development firms in India are using Mac, iPhone or iPad to develop competent applications.
  6. Apart from these some individual mobile application developers, rich students or know-how guys use various Apple products.
iPhone or iPad - What we don’t use

We’re stressing on the iPhone and iPad, as these are people’s product. But how many people in India actually are utilizing the iPhone or iPad to the fullest. Is it worthy to buy a phone with same features as iPhone but at cheaper rates?

Siri: The voice search assistant, which search online through voice queries. Around 16 million of Smarphone users in India search for things online and all of them prefer to type and search. For now Siri is not available in India edition iPhone or iPads.

Apple Maps: After issues with Google maps, Apple came up with its own maps which are actually much impressively designed. But are these maps are completely updated with Indian geography and how many people in India are actually using these maps for navigation.

Facetime: We don’t know the detailed statistics of Facetime usage in India, but overall statistics does show people using smartphones do mostly chat over Facebook, Skype or Gtalk.

iCloud: This feature has still been un-explored by Indian iPhone users and often confused with Internet or Email programmes.

Video Calling: People prefer more like to have chat over Facebook or Gtalk.

iTunes Music: Indian version iPhones don’t come with iTunes Music store as due to the fact that Indian songs are not available at iTunes. Apple is planning to include this in the next iOS updates. Though you can download games and apps from the iTunes store.

And above all, these features are also available with phones from Samsung & Nokia and that’s too at affordable prices. Even Apple named as one of the best technology marketing brand, it does fail to impress the Indian mobile phone market. There is a proverb we say in India­­­ which spells like this “Jo Dikhta Hai Who Bikta Hai” (What ­­­You See is What They Sell) and that’s why Apple needs to bring some region specific features to attract the Indian mobile phone users.

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