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Dec 22, 2012

Resolving Conflicts at Workplace

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As long as all are friends, and everything is going well, life seems to be beautiful but the moment a conflict arises; the whole world seems upside down. The most challenging task, for any person to face in the work place is how to resolve conflicts? Reasons may be any and many but resolving conflicts is the main point.

The first important factor is to find out the reason for conflict. Because sometimes mere misunderstanding may lead to conflict. You may have said one thing and the other person may have understood other thing.

Conflicts at Workplace
Make sure that the other person has understood the same thing you wanted to convey. There next step would be, to pick up one point that both of you agree on, apart from the differences and then start working on that point.

The most important part to resolve a conflict is to look at the situation from the other person’s point of view, do a role play and imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes and think how you will feel and react to the situation. This will help you become flexible, and more understanding.

Then make the other person feel that you do care about his feelings and have respect for him and can see the situation from his view point. This will send a positive message to the other person and will bring out positive attitude towards you.

You always have a right to express your feelings in a calm and composed manner. You can be calm and composed but still you can make the other person realize what you want him to, by your words and by your deeds.

So, in essence, conflict resolving is, understanding the problem, look out for a common point to agree on, make the other person feel that you understand him or her and then lastly state your opinions calmly and in a composed manner.


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