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Jan 22, 2013

All about - Well Being

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A common myth among masses is that wellbeing is just the absence of disease or illness.

But in a real sense well being is a combination of various factors such as person’s physical, mental and emotional health and various other social factors.

Well being bears its links with happiness and satisfaction about your own self and satisfaction about your life.

There are certain factors, that increase or contribute, to persons well being, let us look at them. Your relationship with family members and friends, fulfilling career graph, enough money to meet needs, nutritious food and sufficient rest or sleep.

Person’s spiritual or religious beliefs, hobbies, adaptability, optimism, sense of purpose about life, and a sense of belongingness with the loved ones are all the factors that contribute to a person’s well being.

People believe that money is the source of happiness and well being. But various international studies have shown that, it is the quality of our relationships and not the balance sheet that is the source of our well being.

Believing that money is the problem of all solutions and is the source of all happiness actually reduces a person’s well-being. Research shows that, people who pursue, goals such as money, name and fame are more depressed and dissatisfied in comparison to those who goals are having close relationships with loved ones.

Well then what are the ways to achieve this state of well being? There are many, first and foremost develop strong relationship with family and friends. See to it that you spare some time regularly for maintaining social contacts. Instead of just working like a machine and doing routine work, do something that excites you and motivates you.

Make sure that you have sufficient physical activity and nutritious diet and required rest. Live life moment by moment, and cherish and enjoy each and every breath.

Because, well-being is all about “being” well.


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