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Jan 15, 2013

Facebook Phone will be launched today – Truth or Rumor?

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Facebook has announced of a press event to be held today at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, USA. This will be the first event at the Facebook headquarters since the initial public offering. Some says Facebook will be revealing its phone and some really doubt the idea.

Will Facebook phone come out today?

The only thing that Facebook told the media is “come and see what we’re building.” While some believes that Facebook will be launching something related to increase social interactions and some says it is building a mobile OS.

Why Facebook needs a smartphone?

As the competitors growing strong and Facebook not making much revenue in last quarter, Facebook may want to go strong in the smartphone segment. By offering its phone, it would be easy for world’s no.1 social network to grasp more market and beat competitors like Google.

In earlier 2012, it’s been reported in media that HTC is building a smartphone for Facebook. But at the same time it’s been seemed to be untrue as HTC itself is going under a competition phase with Samsung, Nokia and Apple.

There is also the possibility of Facebook launching a mobile OS instead of a phone, much similar to android or iOS. As Android is the most widely used mobile platform, so Facebook may want to launch its own OS and may be it will be open sourced too.

With the mystery still to be revealed, Facebook stock prices has crossed $32 for the first time, bringing good news to investors. Facebook stock prices are higher now because of its mobile applications and mobile ads, which counts 14% of its total revenue. It’s also expected that the stock prices will cross $38 and higher.

With great confusion and expectations, we wait for today’s event and see what’s there at Facebook.

P.S - On the other side there is a report, more than 600,000 UK users have dropped Facebook due to privacy policy issues. The report was provided by social monitoring firm SocialBakers.


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