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Jan 29, 2013

How College Students should Handle Stress?

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College Students
It will not be a joke, if we say that today students have more stress than anyone else. They have assignments to be completed on time, need to prepare for exams, do projects, and what not.

Doing all this definitely there will be stress on the students. Well, then what are the ways to overcome this stress and to give out the best.

Following a routine will definitely help in overcoming stress, eating on time, sleeping on time and doing regular exercise will not cause stress. You can keep on working day long, keep some time aside for fun and relaxation, and make sure that you get sufficient sleep so that you don’t get sick.

 When you have been studying continuously or working on a project at a stretch, take a break, doing so you will feel fresh and will be able to perform better.

Have small goals to accomplish and proceed step by step, if you have big goals you cannot accomplish them, so start with small goals.

You can’t be part of everything and anything; you cannot socialize, hang out with friends, go to study, and play your favorite sport. So, be realistic, and give your time for those things that are important and must.

If you feel stressed and think you are unable to cope up with the schedule, take help. You can ask your friends to help you out in projects, take the help or guidance of professors, and cut down on your other activities, if you think you cannot handle.

Usually, colleges have meditation and yoga programmes, so that students may benefit from them, you can join one of them, to keep your stress free and active. Keep aside some time for hobbies whether it is painting or playing video games with your friends, anything this will help you to overcome stress and feel relaxed.

If you find that you have a very tight schedule too many things to do and very less time, take a break, sit back and assess. See on which things you are spending how much time and plan things, learning time management skills will help you in this.

Take a note of these points, follow them, keep stress away and stay fit and active.


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