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Jan 31, 2013

Top 5 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

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We all have big dreams, and goals that we want to achieve, but few of us mould ourselves in the way we need to.

Because, we find it hard to break our old pattern of thoughts and habits, and because of this we stay where we are.

The formula is simple, if you want to achieve those things which you have not achieved, you have to start doing those things which you have not done till date.

Here are top five tips that will allow us to break free our habits and take a leap towards achieving our dreams and realizing our goals.

1) Food: the food you take effects your mood and determine your attitude, so choosy when it comes to food and take what you need when you need.

2) Prepare: Prepare yourself to the challenges, don’t hesitate to start a work that you have been postponing, or don’t take back foot to take up a new project or job or challenge, believe that you can do it and proceed with it.

3) Imagine: Imagine how you want your idle life to be, imagine what you want to achieve, and post pictures relating to those in your journal or on a board and make it point to look at them daily, so that you will get inspired.

4) No Gossiping: Don’t indulge yourself in gossiping; instead spend some time on reading books. Be prepared for changes, changes in the work or life whatever it may be, as the saying rightly goes, change is the only constant thing in life. Accept change because, with change comes progress, if everything remains same there is no scope for progress.

5) Physical Health: Start taking care of your physical health and make sure that you stay fit. Only when you are fit you can think of achieving your goals, so give priority to health and fitness. Follow these simple things and leap towards your goals.


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