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Mar 4, 2013

Focus Of Education Shifted From Inside To Outside?

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Today Indian education system has completely changed its face. The focus has entirely shifted from inside to outside. How healthy is the education system from inside no one is bothered, what harm this change is resulting in no one is bothered. All that we are bothered about is what kinds of names are associated with colleges and its output.

No wonder, our society is like this. Earlier, in the good olden days education had a major role to play in shaping a person, his character, values and in total his entire life. In the olden days education thought a person his purpose of life, and equipped him with the strength to face life. Now for those who are establishing colleges and educational institutions it is a means of making profits.

And for those people who are seeking education it is a means which empowers them with the capability to earn money. Nothing more than that, no one is bothered about values, morals and character. Where once the purpose of education was to elevate a person from human level to divine level, now the modern education system is giving birth to more self centered people.

Earlier when sending children for education what parents used to look for in a teacher was an exemplary person, who has strength of character, values and divinity. Now what parents seek we all know. If there is any reason why our society is in a position where it is today, our degraded education system is one of the main reason.

The phrases values and morals have vanished from the education system, and ranks and scores have taken their place. The purpose and focus of education has shifted, from heart to head. Through education how you are shaping your inside is not the thing anyone is bothered about. Through education how much you have raised your net worth is what bothers us.

If we are to see a society where humans behave like humans, we need to take back a ‘U’ turn, to where we have started, and seek that education which shapes us as humans from inside out. Because that is the real essence of education.


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