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Mar 8, 2013

Six Tips to Remember When Sending Professional E-Mail

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Today E-Mail has become the primary way for many of us to communicate. Most often, people don’t meet their clients and peers face-to-face or even speak to them over phone. If there is any way that others have an impression about us it is through E- Mail. So, it becomes very important to take care in composing messages.

1) If you have been using your personal email to send professional emails, make sure that your address sounds professional. Because, addresses that are cute or suggestive, don’t have a place in work related email.

2)  If you are communicating for the first time with the recipient. You should use the person’s title and the last name.

3) When writing a mail, make sure that you sound polite and friendly. But at the same time you should get across your intended meaning.

4) While sending an e-mail it is always important that you convey your message or tell your point quickly, without leaving the important details.

5)  Errors in mail will make you look careless. So, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and grammar corrections.

6)  Last but not the least; Make sure that you type the right e-mail address or the recipient’s name, so that it won’t reach the wrong person.


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